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What happens to competition images?

Firstly, of course, they are posted to our site with all the other competition entries.  Both formal external and fun internal competitions are all found under Gallery > Competitions.  These images may appear in our newsletter, the local papers, articles in our knowledge section and elsewhere to promote the club.

For example; We also post all the entries to our Facebook page.


To provide some social backlinks to our site, enhancing our reputation by using your image, it is posted to TwitterInstagram and, along with the others in the competition, to Pinterest.


To provide local interest and ideally new members it is sent (but I cannot guarantee printing) to The Cornish Guardian, The Cornishman, The West Briton and The Packet. I post a copy of that submission to our blog about four days before publication is due.


And finally (phew!) I use that same content to refresh our Google search posts (keeping local searches fresh, with the best of our club's capabilities, which, of course, includes this image). To see this search Google for "Penryn Camera Club" (or "Camera Club" works as well) and scroll down the right-hand panel to posts.


Please feel free to send any or all of these links to family and friends as everywhere there are links back to our website and a warm welcome for anyone wanting to join.


If you have the time it would really help if you could write a review of the club especially if you have a club-related image to post within that review.

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