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PLEASE NOTE:- Images used in Image of the Year must have been shown and Judged in the above competitions during the current season. Images must also be used in the category they were shown in without any modification. Images presented to the club to use in Inter-Club Battles, but not used in Internal Competitions can be used, as an External Judge will have judged these.

Images used for Lucky Dip cannot be used in Image of The Year. 

Digital Image – 1600 Wide – Landscape
Digital Image – 1200 High – Portrait

If you do not have any photo editing programs, resizing digital images can be done within the club. Print Mounts – 40x50cm – these can be purchased through the club.

Images correctly titled:–
Digital – i.e. Looks Can Be Deceiving – 150 – Penryn CC


Print – Label at Top Right Hand Corner – to identify which way the image will be shown – Landscape or Portrait, and titled i.e. A Boat – 150 – Penryn CC

All Digital Images and Digital copies of Prints are to be handed in on a Memory Stick. All images must be in separate folders on the memory stick. What is written on the Hand-In Sheet must be the same as the memory stick.

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