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Penryn Camera club members who have portfolios

Carina Stone

I use both a Nikon DSLR and a Sony mirrorless camera.

Carol Coward

Hello! I'm Carolin Coward! Commonly known as Carol! That started when I started work and the Supervisor said 'Carolin? Too much of a mouthful!' Well, who was I to argue with a Supervisor?

Chris Saint

I inherited a box brownie at the age of 11 and have been keen on photography ever since.

Derek Godridge LRPS AFIAP

Professional Photographer, enjoys street photography

Irene Clarke

I started taking photographs about 20 years ago and am drawn to landscape, nature and old buildings. For the last 8 years I haven’t done much due to family commitments.

Jeanette Ruberry

I describe myself as a dyslexic photographer. I’m 99% about composition and 1% technical (and that’s on a good day).

John Yarrow

I have been interested in photography for as long as I can remember and made my first enlarger when I was eleven. As film gradually gave way to digital my interest waned. However, when digital SLRs became aIordable and editing software became available my enthusiasm was renewed.

Karen Burton

Enthusiastic and eager to learn from my Penryn Camera Club friends.

Mark Quilter

I have been interested in photography for many years. As a teacher of Geography and Geology I had an interest the natural world and I often used my own images in lessons.

Paul Cooper

Average amateur, enjoys landscapes, seascapes and editing

Sandi Edwards

I take pictures of what I like and not what other people necessarily like

Steve Clarke

My wife Irene and I moved to Cornwall around 48 years ago. Seeing the expert surfers out I would try to capture the moments.

Wendy Bate

I joined Penryn Camera Club in 2009, with my Husband Brian, having been encouraged by my brother in law, Raymond,  who has been a Member for many years.

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