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Alicia Cooper's Portfolio.  Contact them via Contact Us.

I love how a photo is a story it is the photographer's story as much as it is a story about the subject. This story has no barriers, anyone can read it because it has no linguistic barriers, a photo is universal. That is something that I want to continue, to be able to tell stories to the world and not be limited by language. 


At 13 I first developed a passion for photography, that Christmas I got a camera, this started my exploration of creative media which has grown exponentially over time as my self-confidence and skills have advanced. 


The courses that have really advanced my current knowledge are A-Level Photography and Media Studies. Learning how to take an image to tell a story or create meaning and advanced enhancement techniques. It surprised me how it would positively impact my own self-confidence, to challenge my preconceptions, take on new experiences and excel and target key demographics of people for maximum impact.

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