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Editing and contributions

Initially, this section will be extracted from the A-Z series in our Newsletters.

We are very happy to amend each page, either correcting errors or adding content or images. Note; Due to the template used you can have as much text as you like, and up to three images but they have to be a square format only.

We are also very happy to add new pages to cover new content if you want to author that.

As these are web pages they cannot be edited by members directly, but if you send your requirements to Paul (in an email please, so he can cut-and-paste the text/images) they will be added promptly. Non-members can use the [Contact Us] facility.

Although this has been placed in this evolving section, the same comment goes for the whole website. If you see a "feature" missing from our site that you would like added few things are impossible.

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