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Breaking the rules **

In photography, breaking the rules refers to deliberately ignoring or deviating from traditional compositional guidelines and techniques to create a unique or unconventional image. 

Common rules in photography include the rule of thirds, symmetry, leading lines, and framing, among others. While these rules are helpful guidelines to create aesthetically pleasing images, breaking them can sometimes result in more creative and visually interesting photographs. 

Breaking the rules can involve experimenting with unusual angles, perspectives, and framing, or intentionally over or underexposing an image to create a different mood or effect. It can also involve deliberately breaking compositional rules to create a sense of tension or ambiguity in the image. 

Breaking the rules can be a way for photographers to express their creativity and individuality, and to challenge conventional notions of what makes a "good" photograph.

However, it is important to note that breaking the rules should be done with intention and a clear understanding of the potential impact on the final image.

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