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Competition entries

Once you have done it a couple of times formal competition entries are easy but the first time you do it is a bit daunting, so this article steps you through the process.

You have to submit all images, correctly re-sized (see this article on resizing) on a memory stick for the competition secretary.  An easy process is to set up a directory on your computer with one folder for each competition category - KF1 has five categories for example.

You don’t have to enter every category but you do need a digital image for every category you do enter - including prints!  If you look at the first figure you can see the digital mono image is in portrait format (short length, tall height) so that one has a maximum of 1200 pixels. All the rest are Landscape format (wider than tall) so they have been reduced to 1600 pixels.

Knowledge Image 1

The format for the image is also correct  Title - membership number - PenrynCC.JPG  You should make your title shortish but relevant to the image.  If a judge is trying to choose between two virtually equal pictures a relevant title may sway their decision.  The membership number is to avoid bias to a specific person and the club bit is used when entering battles.

Note:  Under print mono there is the reduced pixel size digital copy required but at the moment there is also a copy in the original size.  This is because I have not yet printed that image and it is there to remind me.  I will delete this copy before I copy the whole KF 1 folder, all subfolders and all images to the memory stick - everything the competition secretary needs easily transferred.

DS Colour labs is a great place to get images - A3 full colour are a couple of quid each BUT there is also fixed postage so plan ahead and submit a few as the postage is the same for 1 or for 10.

Knowledge Image 2

Once you have this nailed down handwrite on the relevant sheet the titles of your images AND BRING THIS WITH YOU on competition hand-in night. If you do not have this sheet ask the competition secretary to send you a copy.

On hand-in nights you will see trays to accept the prints.  Make sure you put the right print in the right tray! (they are labelled).  Put your memory stick/card in the tray provided then work your way around the table where you will see 5 (for the KF1 competition) A4 sheets of paper.  Each will be for ONE category only and, using the notes you brought with you, enter your title on the line that has your membership number.  Be very careful to check the title of the A4 sheet and match the right subject as they will be in random order.

If you keep both your handwritten notes and the digital folder structure you have created it will be super easy for you to select one image from the year to enter into the final Image of the Year competition.  You can only choose an image from those you have submitted so the more categories you enter, the more selection you will have for the final competition.

Knowledge Image 3

The inset shows the contents of the memory stick which goes in the container provided (you get it back next week).  Also write the contents on your form or a piece of paper.  There will be one A4 sheet PER CATAGORY for the competition. Look for you membership number then on that line write the title of your image for that catagory.  For this comp I have five entries so I am looking for 5 different A4 sheets to enter my image names.

One final note; When selecting your IotY picture remember it will be a different judge so a winning image in KF1 may not make the shortlist of the IotY, also an image you liked that didn’t do so well in an earlier competition may well do well in this one.

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