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Rename files

Here's a simple guide on how to rename files on a computer:

  • Select the file you want to rename by clicking on it once.

  • Right-click on the file and select "Rename" from the drop-down menu.

  • The file name should now be highlighted, allowing you to edit it. Type in the new name for the file.

  • Press the "Enter" key to save the new file name.

Once you understand what’s happening a shortcut is a slow double-click on the filename e.g. click {pause} click.  This highlights the name part and you can type in new content. The pause has to be exactly long enough but not too long - too quick and you will open the file in preview mode, too slow and the computer will think it's two single clicks.

Knowledge Image 1

There are things you need to know; there are two parts to a filename the name and the extension. E.g. _DSC3193.jpg they are separated by a full-stop.  The name is the part we can read, the extension is the part the computer reads to know which application to use.  In the image, the .JPG will open your image editor, and the .ON1 will open a different application even though the names are exactly the same.

We may rename this as  [ stormy clouds.jpg ]  You cannot name it stormy.clouds.jpg because computers are stupid and once they reach a full-stop they expect the rest to be the extension.

You can use any letter (upper or lower case), any number and the underscore _ or hyphen -. I’d recommend avoiding anything else as computers are really easy to confuse.

So Stormy Clouds.jpg,  stormyclouds.jpg, and Fluffy clouds on a blue sky.jpg are all OK.  STORMY CLOUDS.jpg is frowned on (It’s considered shouting), and Stormy Cloud’s.jpg is out (Uses an apostrophe).

In the camera club we use a set format for naming files;  Title[space]-[space]Membership no[space]-[space]Penryn CC eg  Winning image - 148 - Penryn CC

With your new knowledge which of these is right and which wrong?

  • I.m sure this is a winning image.jpg

  • We will rock you.jpg

  • Make me a winner-148-PCC

  • Getting it right.jpg

  • Pretty in “pink”.jpg

  • totalgibberish.jpg

Did you get 1 (extra full-stop), 3 (no spaces around hyphens AND should be Penryn CC) and 5 (quote marks) as wrong and 2, 4 and 6 are fine?

Knowledge Image 2
Knowledge Image 3
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