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Carol Coward

Hello! I'm Carolin Coward! Commonly known as Carol! That started when I started work and the Supervisor said 'Carolin? Too much of a mouthful!' Well, who was I to argue with a Supervisor?

Carol Coward

John and I joined the Club in September 1982. We'd decided to take up photography as 'our' hobby! I've missed a season due to health problems but I'm back!!!

Over the years I've gone through a few cameras! Minolta, Konica, Panasonic and now a Fuji! Was thinking of changing but couldn't find anything I liked!

I like to 'play' with my pictures in Photoshop! I use different Filters and my favourite one is the Oil Filter! A couple of members call it a 'Marmite' Filter! You either love it or hate it!! I LOVE it!!!

The pictures I'm putting here are from last year's Competitions!

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