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Mark Quilter

I have been interested in photography for many years. As a teacher of Geography and Geology I had an interest the natural world and I often used my own images in lessons.

Mark Quilter

When I retired, photography developed further as a hobby/ passion. Having more time to spend enjoying our coast and countryside has helped me to develop greater skills. Where possible, I like to take time to think about image possibilities and to pre-visualise what I am after. The end result does occasionally come close, I like to think.

I really enjoy being part of a Camera Club and talking with others about photography. It is great to share and receive, tips and ideas. I do like learning how to do new things with my cameras and creatively to produce more complex images. Competitions, always provide a fresh challenge, image wise and make me reflect further on what I am doing to improve. I have always valued the feedback from judges and fellow members.

Maenporth Beach is my favourite morning dog walking venue; optomistically hoping for a stunning sunrise. Getting out and about is so good for me mentally, especially with two very loyal doggy companions. If I am short of inspiration, the dogs are often my willing models.

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