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Steve Clarke

My wife Irene and I moved to Cornwall around 48 years ago. Seeing the expert surfers out I would try to capture the moments.

Steve Clarke

My photography got more involved when I started windsurfing and surfing in the Canary Islands. We bought a property in Lanzarote by the best windsurfing beach on the island. Just by a chance it opened up a new venture when we started renting it out to some big tour operators. This started our own travel agency business and then I had to produce brochures and web sites so my photography had to improve.

After a while I started writing and photographing travel articles for a couple of international magazines but I am by no means a professional tog but the money was good. I did this for about 25years and had many front covers and sometimes up to 4 or 5 pages published most months.

At present I use a Canon 90d and a 7d mk2 that Irene uses on occasions. It's only fair as I lost her 600d and lens when it fell over the cliffs at Gwithian.

The Penryn Camera Club has given us both the opportunity to learn more skills from all the friendly member we have met at the clubs meetings.

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