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Friday 30th October

Competition; Favourite image

What is a photograph? The result of pressing the shutter after carefully selecting ISO, Aperture, Shutter speed and Focus? Pressing the shutter with the camera set to automatic?  The result of taking your image and applying post-processing (editing) to enhance the content? What do you think?

Much like a painter, it’s the end result after any (or no) editing at the artist's choice. Can editing ALWAYS enhance an image? I.e. Would editing a stunning out-of-camera image make it better?  It is a rare picture where the answer would be no.

However, Penryn Camera Club likes to stretch its member’s capabilities. There is no doubt that a tremendous photograph starts with an awesome out-of-camera shot. This series of competitions forces us from the comfort zone of correcting minor technical issues to present naked, unaltered pictures.  

How did we do with our Favourite (out-of-the-camera) image? The standard was exceptionally high this week. to see if you agree. We also had our first combined face-to-face and Zoom meeting to discuss the images, and view Mandy’s Springwatch photo’s.

This week was a five-votes-each draw between; Monarch Butterfly by Wendy Bate and Vatican City by Claire Tagg.   Next week’s category is Weather. Join us to join in (

Vatican City by Claire Tagg
Vatican City by Claire Tagg
Monarch Butterfly by Wendy Bate
Monarch Butterfly by Wendy Bate


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