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How to Use DS Colour Labs Website

This is an Illustrated guide to help you navigate the DS Colour Lab’s Website and order prints. 1) Navigate to the website 2) Go to “All products” and select “Standard Professional Prints”

DS Labs - 1

3) Go to the size selection and trundle down to the size you require – in this case A3 and “Lustre” finish.

DS Labs - 2

4) Now select whether you want a border or not. Note: our standard mount A3 or A4 cut aperture is a 2/3 mm smaller of a full size A3 or A4 print - hence you are better off ordering “No Border”.

DS Labs - 3

5) Next select the Pre-prepared A3/A4 (for example) sized print image you require top suit your mount size. Select “Add files”

DS Labs - 5

6) Start upload

DS Labs - 6

7) When uploaded crop if necessary – this should NOT be needed if the original image was sized correctly to match the size chosen here – e.g. A3 or A4.

DS Labs - 7

8) Next final check of size, style etc and then hit “Proceed to checkout”

DS Labs - 8

Finally - Pay up and await with “Great Expectations” 



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