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Reservoir dogs

Champion; Derek

Derek will set up a simple "studio" at Argal reservoir and we will photograph dogs with and without their owners before and perhaps after their walks. NB Some owners will welcome the opportunity to have a dual portrait and it might persuade them to be photographed whilst others won't. If we take both it will give us the option and also the opportunity to highlight the important relationship we have with our "pets".

Note: we don't want background etc. just the animal against the backdrop or location selected. What we are trying to do is something which is different, which has impact and which will also place the emphasis on the animal's character without the background getting in the way. Thus allowing the viewer to fuly engage with the animal.

One of the most important things when photographing dogs is to get down to their level. This will give your photos a more natural and intimate feel and it will also make your dog more comfortable with the camera. Just like photographing small children, it is VITAL to get down to their level and Derek will bring along a couple of tables to enable us to particularly elevate small dogs and eliminate the need to scamble around the floor!

Dogs have unique personalities, and capturing their character is what makes dog photography so special. Try to capture their natural expressions and movements, and be patient when waiting for the right moment. With more difficult or younger dogs, stange noises will help you to get their attention so a little whimper or cat meouw may well help to get them looking at you. Try to keep the owner next to you so they can talk and reassure them if necessary. However, whether it's a playful pose or a lazy yawn, these moments will add personality to your images. We can also ask the owners if it is safe to remove any leads and maybe even avoid dogs with those large harnesses which could dominate the photo.

The plan is to complete the task in one single day so the right weather conditions will be crucial, hence the need to be flexible and to target a weekend when walkers are out with their dogs. Derek will be on hand throughout the day and we will need at least 5 or 6 members to ensure we fulfill the requirements of the Kingswood Salver. Best of luck!

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