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And the results are in - KF1 - 10th November

Last week was results night at Penryn Camera Club as Kevin Leah gave his decisions having judged our KF1 competition. There was no set subject for this competition so members were free to choose and a large number of very excellent images across a wide range of subjects were submitted, giving Kevin a difficult task to decide on the winners. The results of the competition were as follows:-

Colour Prints

1st Ron Pitcher

2nd Derek Godridge

3rd Stuart Ford

HC Raymond Bate, Paul Cooper

Monochrome Prints

1st Derek Godridge

2nd Stuart Ford

3rd Kevin Kerslake

HC Victor Tullin, Julia Bate

Digital Colour

1st Mark Stowe

2nd Victor Tullin

3rd Derek Godridge

HC Ron Pitcher, Keith Russ

Digital Mono

1st Stuart Ford

2nd Victor Tullin

3rd Ron Pitcher

HC Christine Hamshaw, Keith Russ

Digital Off Camera

1st Stuart Ford

2nd Derek Godridge

3rd Amanda Hanson

HC Keith Russ, Geoff James

Very many thanks to Kevin for all his hard work in expertly judging and providing in depth comments and suggestions that meant another good evening was had. Have a look at our web pages to see the winning images. or come and join us one night.


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