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Friday 11th Dec

Unfortunately, plumbing issues at our meeting place cancelled at the last minute Thursday’s meeting. A large hammer will sort the problem and next week will go ahead as normal.

Sixteen entries into this week’s Boats competition, which you can see either on our website or our Facebook account; We are active on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest - feel free to find and follow us there as well.

This week’s outright winner was a serene “Golden Morning” by Liz Richardson. Many images were “fill the frame” style which, for distant objects is skillful. Our left-field thinker didn’t disappoint with a mono close-up of a cleat on an old wooded vessel.

The club is starting to think about our 2021 external competitions with entries starting in the new year. The committee has issued a program and all members are trolling their archives and tuning their cameras for suitable entries.

Next week’s lock-down competition category is Open. If you would like to join us and enter our competitions start via

“Golden Morning” by Liz Richardson


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