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Friday 11th Sept

The Penryn Camera Club holds a weekly lockdown competition.  We submit one image each via email, which our chairman Victor Tulin merges into a single document. He distributes this to the club and then collates the votes. This weeks theme was Favourite Location / Place.  

As usual, there were plenty of high-quality images for the members to ponder. Many images were around Cornwall but some were from distant locations.  This competition series is “out of the camera”. This means minor cropping (up to 10%) and resizing only. No post-processing image enhancements! 

This forces us to think about our camera settings (Aperture, Shutter speed, ISO and, of course, Focus) before taking pictures and not to rely on recovery tricks.  All the group feel this is a good groundwork for great images, some feel it is the only “real” photography, some feel processing is part of an image.  Everybody joins in the spirit of the running competition.  In ‘normal’ times we always have a section dedicated to this genre.

This week’s well-deserved winner was Jan Godridge. A stunning image of Restronguet Creek.  

Next week’s category is Flowers.  What would you submit from your images? New members are always very welcome, see

Restronguet Creek


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