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Friday 12th Feb

Our chairman, Victor Tulin, ran the first half of the Zoom meeting focusing on image editing possibilities. Victor used an impressive and varied array of his own images showing before and after editing underlining the points he was making. He then went on to take an image from last week’s competition and show, by a light touch of rotating a couple of degrees and some judicious cropping, how to make a much stronger image.

The second half of the evening repeated last week’s successful format of members critiquing the various images submitted for the Sports scene competition. Among many other things I learned I am not the only member who finds critiquing others work uncomfortable! With ¾ of the club submitting images and most on the Zoom call we had plenty of high-quality images to enjoy.

We hope you have been following (and enjoying) our competitions either on or on our website

The winning image this week was Kayaking at Mousehole by Claire Tagg.

Next week’s set subject is; Happiness - what would you enter? If you would like to join us and enter our competitions Google; Penryn Camera Club and look for the “Contact us” page.

Kayaking at Mousehole by Claire Tagg
Kayaking at Mousehole by Claire Tagg


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