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Friday 12th November 2021

Penryn Camera Club enjoyed a masterclass on portraiture photography. Mark Walker (Mk Photography) brought two models. Zane, an oyster fisherman and Tylor, a beautiful young lady to help show masculine and feminine posing. He used a variety of lights and tools bringing us along step-by-step adding light elements to his composition until we reached the final image he was happy with. We learned; Rembrandt lighting, flags, snoods, point lighting, softboxes, grid boxes, speed lights and backlighting. We delved into the inverse square law of lighting, with many practical examples all throughout an enjoyable two-hour session.

Many of us found that portraiture photography isn’t that niche and scary. With a patient model and a little time, fantastic results are obtainable - although Eve will have to move away from her automatic camera setting! Nearly everybody won a lollypop somewhere through the evening.

Next week we have the results of our second formal competition where 79 entries battle for supremacy under judge Mike Halsey’s knowledgable gaze.

If you would like to join this superactive friendly club, start via our website. Look for the Contact Us form on the top menu bar. Our amiable members have all photographic abilities and cover all age ranges so you are sure to fit in.

MK Photography portrait 1

MK Photography portrait 2

MK Photography portrait 3

MK Photography portrait 4


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