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Friday 17th June 2022

The Penryn Camera Club Trophy Cleaning last night went off well. With the large number of members who showed up to help, we soon had those cups looking shiny and new all ready to be handed over at our Awards Dinner on the 25th of June. A big thanks to the team from Mandy.

We then had an impromptu meeting around the Summer Programme to collectively decide on where to go etc. and Karen will be issuing a new programme shortly. Watch this article for future exciting updates above and below ground.

Claire D brought a homemade carrot cake for the coffee break which was universally declared “Delicious”. We may need a new club post; Cake maker!

It’s great to belong to such a socially active and friendly club where members turn up for the utility stuff as well as the more exciting opportunities. Our season starts Thursday, September 1st and if you would like to join us you would be very welcome. Email until our website is fixed.

We are still trying to get our website domain name restored - slow progress is being made. In the meantime our Facebook page is active;


This image arrive from Derek too late for last weeks paper (due to illness) BUT it is too good not to be seen somewhere :-)

RNLI Visit by DeeGee


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