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Friday 20th August 2021

Penryn Camera Club (Google us) has published its draft program for the coming year. PCC has a full calendar of events including internal speakers, inter-club activities and social gatherings. One of the things we enjoy is helping one another take better photographs. We learn from the friendly critique evenings. Although we feel protective when critiquing our own “baby” the comments are fair and help us improve.

We are in Penryn Town Hall (under the clock tower) on Penryn Fair day (Sat 28th 10-5). If you have been thinking of joining a photographic club, we would love to see you. We can show you some of our work and have a chat about anything you would like to know. Our members have all abilities from mobile-phone cameras and iPads through to DSLR cameras. Straight from the camera or sensitively photoshopped. If you don’t want to join us but want to come and have a look or ask questions, we would love to see you.

Have you been following our competitions? The next one is “Open” which means any subject and any editing. Look at your photos - which one would you submit if you were a member? Results will be next week (26th) so keep an eye out.

Penryn Camera Club 2021/22 program


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