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Friday 25th June 2021

Yesterday revealed the much-anticipated mystery speaker; Kevin Leah who “Zoomed” into Penryn Camera Club to give a master class on image manipulation. Kevin used a combination of slideshow and live Photoshop examples to show how to create composites and how to get the best from his photographs.

Kevin designed his talk providing a skill range; basic (replace a bland sky), advanced (blend if), super-advanced (turning day into night and turning on the lights). Kevin’s talk is a great example of how to cover an array of topics in a simple and straightforward manner. It’s fair to say everybody learned something from the evening, which lasted a mesmerising two hours. Thank you Kevin from the whole club.

Penryn Camera Club

Members have been posting their images from last weeks trip to Swanpool on our Facebook page Next week we are off to the Great Flat lode so keep an eye on FB to see how we do.

If you want to join us, virtually while C-19 remains (friendly members have all photographic abilities, so you are sure to fit in.) Look for the Contact Us form on the top menu bar. Don’t like links? Google; Penryn Camera Club to find our website.


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