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Friday 25th March 2022

Tuesday saw three members enjoying a Truro Cathedral Photography Workshop. This included access to areas generally unavailable to the public. Yes, we clambered among the cathedral rafters looking at the spectacular roof arches from the architect’s perspective.

The weekly Thursday evening started with the usual flurry of activity as we catalogued and marshalled our images for the upcoming "Image of the Year" competition. Our chairman took us through some club housekeeping topics including what to do with our old trophies and their associated history.

Abandoning the formal program, the evening ended in a social gathering where members took a rare opportunity to chinwag and share their experiences with the community. Topics ranged a long way from photography and we pushed the tea urn, and biscuit barrel, to their limits.

Instead of gathering at the Penryn Football Club on Thursday, we will be exploring the Penryn Museum and photographing exhibits. To round off the evening a cream tea is available.

Visit our website to become a member of our busy and friendly club. Our amiable members come from a variety of photographic backgrounds and span a wide range of ages, so you'll fit right in.


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