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Friday 27th November

Competition; Movement

Excepting one brilliant left-field thinker (alluding to bowel movement!) entries this week fell into two camps; Freezing movement often with feet and paws caught mid-air (fast shutter speeds) or showing an impression of movement in the image (slower or very slow shutter speeds). Our winner chose this latter setting.

Again our members produced a wide range of image types from close-ups to landscapes which you can see either on our website or our Facebook account;

Through this difficult time (thinking; pandemic), our club is still welcoming new members, with one recent Londoner making a virtual application, which we are delighted to accept. If you would like to join us and enter our competitions start via

This week’s winner was Flapping my wings by Raymond. Next week’s competition category is our 2nd unrestricted topic; any subject, any editing - exciting times ahead.

We have just heard that we can open our meeting room “The Space” next week, so that will be a joint Virtual/physical meeting.

Slo-mo duck flapping it's wings


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