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Friday 3rd September 2021

Penryn Camera Club’s Fair Day (from a newbies perspective!)

Our first task was to choose which photos we would like to display and share. This could feel daunting to a newbie, but the club made me feel every bit as good as the experts!

I decided to go with images that had decent feedback in the club. My constant worry is that I am out of my depth and not good enough. But, I must say everyone is so supportive and they don’t share my thoughts.

The club taught us how to mount our images gave me such a sense of pride and achievement. Seeing my images in A3 size and blown up was truly satisfying. I know my newbie friends said the same.

My main thought is how nice it was that the club mixed up the images. There’s no sense of hierarchy or “mines better than yours!”

It was so hard to vote for one. With such a wide spectrum of variety, colour and subjects I have found we all have our own special niche. Together we make a beautiful collection of seeing the world through different lenses and aspects of life.

Penryn Camera Club’s Fair Day


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