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Friday 4th March 2022

On Sunday, a cohort from the Penryn Camera Club filled their memory cards with stunning images of Truro Cathedral. It was completed in 1910 to a Gothic Revival design by John Loughborough Pearson. Colin was an excellent tour guide. He was brimming with interesting tidbits and general knowledge. Having immersed ourselves in Truro cathedral’s treasures and history, we stopped for lunch at Charlotte's tea house. Scrumptious!

Thursday saw an epic photo battle with the Camborne/Redruth camera club at Penryn Athletic Football club, our equally epic new club venue. We quickly countered with our best images in response to their first salvo. Skirmishes exploded in a variety of genres. While we did win some battles, we ultimately, narrowly, lost the war. Kudos to Camborne/Redruth for their impressive photography.

On Thursday we will watch an illustrated talk by Colin Higgs, From Darkroom to Digital, the demise of local newspaper photography.

Join our super active and friendly club via our website. On the top menu, you'll find the Contact Us form. Our amiable members have photographic backgrounds of all kinds and cover a wide range of ages - you'll fit right in.

Introduction by Derek

Lifting the font

Barrel ceiling



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