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Friday 8th April 2022

Last night Penryn Camera Club enjoyed a video presentation from Kevin Leah (Truro CC). The topic; An evening of composite photography techniques. This was a master class taking us from using the gradient tool to blend two images together, through cloning elements of two images into a third. Ending up with techniques for changing day into night, and how to turn on the street lights.

It’s an old cliche; you have heard a photograph never lies? Don’t believe it! Clone, Bloat, Pinch, Mask, Add, Subtract, Change - anything is conceivable and Kevin showed us, in his calm relaxed manner, the art of the possible.

Although Kevin uses many programs (and showed us which had advantages) my favourite takeout from the evening was Photoshop’s “Filter > Other > Minimum ‘1’ “ to remove the halo from selections. Worth the price of admission on its own. Thank you Kevin, you better start preparing for part 3, we'll be sure to ask you again.

Next week is our prestigious “Image of the Year” judged by Brian Galbraith. If you would like to join us and enter our competitions, start via and look for the Contact Us form on the top menu bar. Don’t care for hyperlinks? Google; Penryn Camera Club.

Kevin Leah Truro CC


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