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Lucky Dip - 3rd November

Variety is the spice of life they say, and we certainly put variety into our annual programme at Penryn Camera Club. Two weeks ago Jan Godridge gave an excellent talk accompanied by her own photos from family travels in the United States, Spain and our own county of Cornwall. Travelogues are fascinating and give great opportunities to take photos of stunning scenery and landscapes and Jan had lots of images with amazing colours and subjects. Then last week we had a fun competition. Previously members drew their photographic subject out in a “lucky dip”. The photos taken were then shown and judged anonymously by members. The large number of different subjects meant a wide variety of images. Members then took it in turn to critique the images. The evening ended with the announcement of the winning photos. Thanks Mandy for organising the competition, the evening was a huge success with great images and lots of helpful discussion on how each image might be changed or improved. Every competition is another opportunity to have some fun and to learn from what other members have done. Well done everyone. It was a great evening! Come and see what we do!


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