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Newsletter Week 1

I trust that this email finds you well. There is so much negative news at present that at times it might seem difficult to remember that we are photographers, whose hobby is recording moments in time. It seems to me that most of the moments in time at present consist of worrying about family and friends and for the world that we live in. One thing in this uncertain time that we find ourselves in, we will all remember 2020.

I can announce that in addition to lots and lots of events that have been cancelled during the past week, all CPA related events have been cancelled or postponed. I recall back in 1987 which was a while ago, that whilst living in Kent we had so much snow that most of the schools were closed as a result. Radio Kent in their wisdom ran through all the schools that were closed, the list was long and the broadcast took nearly an hour. The broadcast closed with the wondrous line, "we have just had a thought here, tomorrow we will read out which schools are open". 

As mentioned in the email I sent out last Saturday which might seem like a lifetime ago, I spoke of a newsletter type thing to keep us all together as a club. We might not beagle to meet up, but I would like to think that it doesn't stop us doing something as a club.

In that respect, I have a couple of items for you all. 

The first is to announce that although tonight would have been a talk and presentation of images by Stuart, the fact that we can't meet has not stoped this from happening. Stuart has kindly uploaded the images from part of his presentation to our website, and has a gallery for this entitled Exmoor. I would whole heartily recommend that you take a look. Each image has a description and I think there is definitely a positive effect on health at viewing lovely landscapes, especially if you are staring at four walls.

It might be possible, no should be possible for club members to send to me any images that they would like to post on the website and we have a gallery just for them, to keep our spirits up. As time passes, we should all be better at taking images of flowers and birds if you find them in your garden that is, if you don't get out. Anyway, see what you think 

Wendy sent the following to me, because as good as we are. We don't all remember everything all the time. Perhaps the following will help to jog our memories and assist us in taking better images which we can display at club meetings and in competitions.

Go to full article: 5 Common Camera Setting Mistakes New Photographers Make What are your thoughts on this article? Join the discussion on Facebook PictureCorrect subscribers can also learn more today with our #1 bestseller: The Photography Tutorial eBook One thing I didn't see in the above was forgetting to remove the lens cap, which if we are honest we have all done. Anyway, time to go. for this week. There will be another news email next week. If you have anything you wish to share with the other club members you can send it to me and I will add in next weeks email. I shall close by wishing you all well, and hope that you stay safe.  All the best Keith

Chairman Penryn CC


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