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Newsletter #63 Sunday 30th May 2021

Editor – Wendy Bate with Guest Author Our Girl Mandy

PCC News of the Week:

Hi everyone,

Well here goes again with my last attempt at this job. Thank goodness Derek is back next week and we will have our professional news letter author back with us, so you can all breathe a sigh of relief. Victor is on his way down to me to make sure this is sent out to you correctly, so I need to get this done before he arrives and we have a coffee and chat. He would tell me not to put this next bit in, but if it’s done, that’s it !!, Soooo, I would like to say a big Thank you to him for helping me last week and today, as you may not have received these newsletters without his help !!!!, you know what I am like when it comes to new things on the PC !!!! I am hopeless !!!!.


  1. Last night’s Zoom meeting. Victor said, 95% of the images for the Lockdown Competition, were straight off the camera. There were 15 images and 6 people voted who hadn’t entered, so everyone is taking part in it, one way or another. There were some great images and made voting difficult. After a slide show, Victor then gave a demonstration on a few of the images where he had made slight adjustments to them, Sharpen, Contrast, Curves, which were just little tweaks, he also did a LIVE demo in photoshop to show how simple these adjustments were to do, taking just a couple of minutes, (well to Victor it’s a couple of minutes !!!!!!, maybe a little longer for some !!!!).

  2. RESULTS. 1st”Portreath Sunset”, Raymond Bate, 2nd “Brentor”, Claire Tagg, joint 3rd, “ Storm Watching” Julia Bate and “ Tehidy” Wendy Bate.

  3. Next weeks’ Lockdown Competition, OPEN, so you can manipulate and adjust the image.

  4. Wednesdays tutorial morning at the Space was attended by 6 people and could have been 7 if someone hadn’t forgot all about it, as he was too busy thinking about his Moon shots, no doubt !!!!. The session was enjoyed by all and David, Liz and Carol will be giving a “write up” on it for Paul and the paper report. The Wednesday sessions will be postponed now, until later in June, due to the rugby club being taken over by the Police for G7.


  1. The subject of this week’s competition is an OPEN competition ( as mentioned above). which can be manipulated to your heart’s content,

  2. There will be a break of two weeks after next weeks Zoom meeting, so NO zoom on June 10th and 17th. They will resume again on JUNE 24th when we have a GUEST SPEAKER for the evening, which I know you will all enjoy. It will be an inspirational evening with lots of ideas for you to try too when the mood strikes. So write the date down as I don’t think anyone will want to miss this.

  3. June 17th. Meeting up at SWANPOOL, 7-00pm for a photo shoot. Weather permitting.

  4. July 1st. Meeting at GREAT FLAT LOAD, 7-00pm in the car park. Raymond is leading the evening.

  5. Preparations are being made for the AGM and also for a SUNDAY LUNCH, which will include Presentation of Certificates for the Club Competitions. ( no silverware this year, due to not holding ALL the Club competitions etc due to this blasted COVID). The suggested date for this is Sunday July 4th, but not definite until we hear what Boris has to say in June, so pencil it in. You can bring guests, hubby / The better half, partner, etc. I will try and get more details for it, ie; Cost, menu etc and location, and let you know next week, so you have time to think about it all and we can be prepared to go ahead if allowed.

Now for some more Guest Members write up.

Hi All.

You know me as Mandy, the Competition Secretary at Penryn Camera Club. But, I do have a full time job, which is a Showroom Consultant at Jewson, Redruth. I work in the Kitchen and Bathroom Showroom, and have been there since March 2004.

My previous jobs also included selling kitchens, 8-1/2 yrs at Trago Falmouth, before joining Jewson. Also worked at Jewson in Penryn and Travis Perkins in Penryn.

In the early days of designing kitchens and bathrooms, it was the ‘old school’ way. Scale Ruler, Pad and Pen/Pencil

Pencil and ruler

Scale used when planning is 1:20 (5mm = 100mm).

No 3-D or Computer generated images were about in my early days.

Customers bring their measurements to us, and we try to create their dream kitchen. No site visits at moment due to COVID. This was something that I used to do a lot

On their sketch windows and doors are shown (though some people forget these and guess the size and location – not easy when planning)

We also like to have their ‘Wish List’ of the style of kitchen they would like to see each time they walk in there, along with what appliances i.e. Oven, Hob, Hood, Dishwasher Fridge Freezer etc. With this information we can begin to design their dream

In June 2020, when returning to work after Lockdown, I had a friend contact me to design her new kitchen. The same kitchen that I designed for her about 20 years ago – Here are a couple of before images.

Kitchen before 1
Kitchen before 2

Here is the floor plan for the new kitchen – now using Fusion 2020 Planning Program.

the floor plan for the new kitchen

The style of kitchen chosen by my friend was a ‘J’Groove handle-less style fascia, in a Gloss Pearl Grey. Slate Grey worktops were required, along with a Built-Under Double Oven, Induction Hob, Angled Cooker Hood, Wall Unit Microwave, Slim-Line Integrated Dishwasher and Integrated Fridge Freezer, and a Wine Cabinet. She also chose a Granite Anthracite Sinktop along with a Black Mixer Tap. Rigid Vinyl Flooring was also required. With the ‘Wish-List, I was able to create the images you see. This gives the customer a good idea as to how their new kitchen will look like. See the images computer generated.

computer generated kitchen 1
computer generated kitchen 2

computer generated kitchen 3
computer generated kitchen 4

The images below are from the actual kitchen after installation.

computer generated kitchen after 1
computer generated kitchen after 2

computer generated kitchen after 3

One happy customer, who also a couple of months later had a new bathroom from me.

So, if you are in the market for a new kitchen, worktop, sink etc, or new bathroom, shower enclosure. Please do not hesitate to contact me.

Hope this gives you all an idea what my job entails. Thank you for reading.

Best wishes Mandy



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