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Newsletter #74 13th August 2021

PCC News of the Week:

  1. A BIG thank you to Victor for his practical demo on mounting prints last night which was very informative and great to see members getting involved and mounting their own prints – Eve and Company!. After last night’s great demonstration hopefully many of you will now be able to not only mount prints for competitions in the coming 2021-22 season, but also display them at Penryn Fair Day on Saturday 28th August.

Victor's practical demo on mounting prints
  1. Don’t forget VOLUNTEERS are needed to assist in the Town Hall and to talk to visitors and hopefully recruit new PCC members. Volunteers also needed on Friday 27th August at 6.30pm in the Town Hall to help set up the display stands.

  2. Just a reminder that the CPA 50th Anniversary on 11th September is coming up and if you want to come PLEASE book your FREE ticket using the link below. Your booking will help the CPA Chair – Lorraine to know how many FREE CREAM TEAS to cater for on the day !


Summer Meet-Up Picnic at Boscawen Fields
  1. Don’t forget our Summer Meet-Up Picnic at Boscawen Fields in the “No Dogs” picnic field on SUNDAY 15th August at 1pm. There are a couple of wooden picnic tables there and I will bring a portable large table, but please bring your own food, drink, camping chairs, picnic rugs, Frisbees, kites etc. Weather is still looking good. IMPORTANT NOTE – Friends and Family WELCOME.

  2. IMPORTANT - Next meeting Thursday 26th August 7.30pm @ The Space will be a PRACTICAL for YOU to select your Prints, Title them and attach the required Velcro tape which the club will provide. So if you want to EXHIBIT your work please attend this preparatory evening at The Space.


  1. IMPORTANT NOTE – As you know Zoom competition entries will need to be handed in by MIDDAY on TUESDAYS please folks.

  2. Some great shots in this week’s competition and well done to Keith and Victor, joint winners and the runners up Ann, Claire T and Chris.

  3. The next competition will be Thursday 26th August – entries by TUESDAY Midday 24th August - the subject is Open – editing allowed.

Diary Dates PCC

  • Sunday 15 th August @ 1pm – Summer Picnic at Boscawen fields, Falmouth

  • Thursday 26th August @ 7.30pm The Space – Sorting prints for Fair Day

  • Saturday 28th August 10am – 5pm – Penryn Fair Day – PCC Exhibition in the Town Hall. Preparation and set-up Friday 27th August from 6.30pm.

  • Saturday 5th September at 13.27 / 1.27 pm – Cycling Tour Of Britain “Sprint Stage” – Penryn Bridge Traffic Lights along Commercial Road to the park, then up Treluswell Hill. See link for full timetable: content/uploads/2021/07/ToB_S1_Penzance_Bodmin_v3a.pdf

  • Saturday 25th September - Penryn WI Art & Craft Fair – Temperance Hall - Penryn CC members can display and sell work.

Cornwall Photographic Alliance (CPA)

  • 11th September – CPA 50th Anniversary celebration – Carnon Downs Community Hall 4pm till late – Please BOOK YOUR FREE ENTRY TICKET as above.

  • 17th September hand-in for 20th November 2021 CPA Nature & Wildlife Competition. See the email just sent out. The rules are somewhat Byzantine so ANY queries please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Western Counties Photographic Federation (WCPF)

  • 9th October 2021 - WCPF Zoom Annual General Meeting 2.00 pm Zoom Afternoon Lecture by Antony PenroseSubject “Lee Miller: Witnessing Women at War”

Guest Author – Paul Cooper DPI / PPI What does it all mean?

There are a fair number of numbers in this article, but stick with it as it is not nearly as difficult as it first appears. Dots or Pixels per inch are often used interchangeably but they mean different things.

Pixels Per Inch (PPI) are the number of pixels available and, with camera sensors a good rule of thumb is more = better, however more also = bigger file size = slower editing and more storage. Also, for web images if we have more ppi = longer loading times = “a bad thing”.

Dots Per Inch (DPI) are the number of dots (of ink) per inch you ask the printer to print and 300dpi is usually considered the industry minimum requirement for photographs.

However it also depends on the paper used and for glossy prints, where the ink sits ON the paper 300dpi is fine, but for matt paper where the ink soaks into the paper slightly, 200dpi will probably also look fine .

So, thinking about screen presentation, whether the image is 1600 @72ppi OR 1600 @ 300ppi it will make no difference because screens will display 1600 pixels at whatever the SCREEN resolution is, not the picture resolution.

However, when printing - 1600 @72dpi and 1600 @ 300dpi are VERY different. If you printed an image at 72dpi, it would be very blocky and you will probably see artefacts in the print as it would be 1600/72 = 22.25 inches long with stretched pixels!

As mentioned earlier 300dpi is fine for printing and if you only had a 1600 pixel image and printed it up, you would get an image 1600/300 = 5.3 inches long. So clearly if you want a larger print you need more pixels, hence for a 20 inch print you would need 20 x 300 = 6000 pixels.

This particular image is from a camera having a 45Mega Pixel sensor and the default image measures 8256 pixels by 5504 pixels which creates a huge file on our computer.

creates a huge file on our computer

So you may wonder WHY do we need such a large file? Well if we divide those dimensions by 300 (which we now know is recommended for printing) it gives a default size of 27.5 x 18.4 inches. As an example, because an A3 print only measures 16.5 x 11.7inches we obviously have a lot of pixels spare and can hence easily print even larger than A3. Finally, having spare pixels allows you to crop your image and still have enough for a good print.

To keep file sizes manageable and easy to display, we keep to one standard the UK wide camera club standard at 1600 pixels wide (for landscapes) OR 1200 pixels tall for portrait shots. This also means if anyone steals your image they have a rubbish resolution for printing! Please DO NOT save your original image at this resolution because if you want a different crop, or you want to print it, you will need the higher resolution. Always keep the original as read-only and save copies of changes you make.

 standard photographic paper sizes IN PIXELS assuming 300dpi

To save you firing up your calculator here are some standard photographic paper sizes IN PIXELS assuming 300dpi.

Finally don’t get too hung up on 300dpi. If you divide the pixels you have by the print size you want (in inches) and come up with say 283dpi don’t sweat it - you will hardly notice the missing 17dpi. Think of 300 as an “ish” number not an absolute.

Regards Derek & Paul



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