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Newsletter Week 12

Hi All,

This is going to be a short newsletter, because today I have been working in Plymouth for most of the day. I was on the road by 7.15am which I know is a little late in the day considering some of my visits to Somerset with Stuart and Ron. I was very impressed by the device for collecting the tolls on the Devon side of the river which consisted of a little pot on the end of a pole. Perhaps this devices needs Paigntonting - I know its been a long day.

The result of the competition.

Firstly I would like to apologise for the non-inclusion of two images, which were submitted in good faith but had been sent to the wrong email address - in this case my old work one ( I only discovered this when tonight on the way back from Plymouth I was requested to call into the mine with regard other works that I need to be involved in. Upon checking my email at the mine as I was asked to do so, which I cannot do at home, I discovered the awful truth. I wish it to be known that the images were not entered for any other reason than this and there was certainly no malice on my part. I just feel rotten, that this has happened and that the sender does not take umbridge with the Chairman.

Please can all members who need to contact me check that they have the correct email address which is - the address which this newsletter is sent from, so that this state of affairs does not happen again.

I did cast my vote before compiling the results, which ensured fairmess on my part. The sad part is you only have my word on this, but in the end it wouldn't have mattered. 

We have a single winner which has won by two lengths (to use racing terms). 

You the club members whose votes I have received have chosen IMAGE ONE as the winner. Therefore I would like to congratulate Mr Stuart Ford on his winning this competition. So well done.

I would also propose that the competition be held again with a different subject. I would like to ask the club members for a suitable subject or perhaps we keep it open, otherwise I can see you all kindly deluging me with emails containing suitable subjects  and either me having to choose one or get you all to vote all of which takes time. The choice is yours..

Hopefully I will have more to say etc next week,

so until then,

All the best and stay safe,

Your Chairman.



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