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Resizing images using Photoshop

Hi Guys,

One of the things that causes a lot of confusion is sizing images to 1600 or 1200 for the club.

Hopefully this article will help demystify that, if not please ask.

I am using Photoshop for this demo, probably Photoshop Elements is exactly the same (I don’t have that to test).

Other editors will be similar BUT if you don’t have an image editor don’t panic.

We have a PCC Knowledge article on using an on-line program to resize. Try that.


Save master image

The first step is to save your work in whichever editor you are working in in full resolution.

In my example I am working in Photoshop and have already saved the image as APC_3363 (my camera numbering system).

I tend to do that early in the process and frequently, especially after major changes.

All I have to do is hit File > Save to save any changes.

If you do not have it in this format click File > Save As and choose the format as Photoshop.

Exporting an image

Having saved our master copy we can now save a degraded copy (reduced pixels) by selecting File > Export > Export As. See above screenshot.

The below window will open;

Export as dialogue box

An export options window that has many possibilities but, fortunately, we are only interested in ONE box.

Look at the Image size which is 7435 x 5153. Every image will be different, that happens to be the crop on this image. You can tell the units are pixels by the px following the box.

You need to change EITHER the width to 1600 OR the height to 1200 depending if your image is landscape or portrait. If you are not sure look to see which is the bigger number. If Height is the biggest set it to 1200. If Width is the biggest set it to 1600 like this;

select the size you want

These values are linked and Photoshop works out the scale for the other value. I.e. if I choose 1600 for the width (and hit Enter) Photoshop calculates the height must be 1109 pixels.

Did you notice the Export button on the previous screenshot? Hit that and your image is exported to the same folder as the master image.

Export results

OK, let's look at what we have in my folder.

Under Name there are three 3363 files these are;

NEF The original camera image, 62.4Mb at 8256x5504 pixels big.

PSD The Photoshop file (with its layers etc) 446.7Mb but cropped to 7435 x 5153 pixels

JPG The resized PCC ready image 350Kb (quite small) at 1600 x 1109 pixels

Photoshop (and other editors) always have an array of options but there is usually a simple path to achieve your goal. Print this page and try it on a couple of images and you will be surprised how easy it is to resize.



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