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Thursday 5th Nov

Competition; Weather 

Weather photography should come with a health warning.  Both for your body and for your camera. Although Cornish photographers are used to how far a stormy sea can reach, when looking through a viewfinder that can slip to the back of your mind. Also, how many of us carry a camera rain cover or microfiber cloth?  Do!

Stormy weather often needs long exposures - your trusty tripod and a shutter release will repay the weight lugging them somewhere.

Bright sun can create a scenario where you have beautiful light and the ability to experiment with shadows. If you can place your subject in a shady area or reduce harsh shadows with a flash or filler you can get some very colorful images.

The real weather to look out for?  FOG!  You can get some great images in fog, especially around our tin mines and industrial areas.  You may need to move to manual focus as fog and auto-focus are not great friends.

How did we do to see. 

This week's winner by a good margin was Liz with Shepherds Warning.   Next week’s category is Party / Fancy Dress. Join us to join in (

Shepherds Warning


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