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Penryn Misty Sunrise

Mark Quilter

I was lucky enough to be driving down towards Penryn River to see it shrouded with morning mist, just after sunrise. A quick stop off on Penryn Quay ensued.  This is one of seven grab shot images that I took trying to make the most of the mist and the sun trying to burn through.

Without using graduated filters, the camera exposed for the brightness of the sun and consequently the shots were all a bit underexposed.  The main tweaks (in Lightroom), were as follows:

1.      Change White Balance to Cloudy.  The Auto WB in camera had been 6000

2.      Unusually for a Landscape shot, I went with Adobe Color profile, as the Adobe Landscape made it far to yellow.

3.      Basics panel: Exposure +0.80, Contrast +11,  Highlights -19, Shadows +30, Whites +32, Blacks  -14, Clarity -9  (helps to keep the mistiness)

4.      Select the Sky, using the masking tool.  Reduced the Clarity  -11 and the Dehaze -11 to soften it.

5.      A mild push upwards in the middle of the Tone Curve, to lift the midtone glow to my liking.

6.      A little Sharpening and Luminance Noise Reduction.

Note the change to the Histograms in the top left of both images.

Image exported as a JPEG to Photoshop, where the floating seaweed bits were tidied up, with the Spot Healing Brush Tool

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