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There be Dragons

Paul Cooper

I totally messed up the Aperture settings for this one. I thought I wanted a shallow depth of field so went insanely tight at F2.8.

The focal point (his eye) was sharp but his far eye, the edge of his head and all his body was rubbish. The sticks and leaves around his feet added nothing to the image either.

To try and save the day I cropped tightly on his head, boosted the saturation a tad and cropped out all the out of focus body. Initially I did not leave enough room for the print frame and a negative comment I received was "not enough room for it to move into". That was fair.

I re-printed with a wider border that looked like this;

The next Judge complained the gap between his eyes was sharp but the far eye was not. Probably the result of post-editing sharpening which I, and the first judge, did not notice.

The Judge also complained the edge of his head was not sharp - fair comment, it never was due to my stupid Aperture setting :-)

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