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Newsletter #45 22/1/2021

Hi Everyone

I don’t know about you, but things seem to be really slowing down over the last week with noticeably fewer cars and people around and hence less activity all round. I even saw a policeman loitering with intent round the back of Swanpool ! Yes lots of dodgy people like me walk their dogs around there so watch out. On the C19 front, glad to see Victor and Bernie are out of the woods and the cavalry are on their way with a syringe for me on Monday .. so no doubt we’ll all be getting done Dreckly .... Yippeee !

PCC News of the Week: It was really heartening to see virtually all of our members attending last night’s PCC Club meeting via Zoom, some for the first time. This Ken Farnell KF1 competition was the first of this season and it was great to see all the work which had been submitted, and especially promising to see our new members doing so well. This augers well for the future of the club and our competitions. A big thank you to Wendy Allard, who had obviously put a lot of work in regarding her judging and gave us some really helpful comments. Here are the results and well done to the winners and to everyone for your support. All the images can be viewed on our Website and Facebook pages.

OPEN COLOUR 1st - Liz Richardson - The Worker 2nd - Derek Godridge - Lockdown 3rd - Amanda Hanson - Blackbird With Lunch H/C - Claire Tagg - Cheers! Maru Correa-Cano - Sempervivum Karen Burton - Trebah Pokers

OPEN MONO 1st - Keith Russ - Tunnel Vision 2nd - Maly Pellerin - Scorhill 3rd - Karen Burton - Nautical Reflections H/C - Derek Godridge - Flying Scotsman Awakes Truro Ann Glinn - Pampas Grass Paul Cooper - Raw Power

OFF CAMERA 1st - Claire Tagg - Misty Brixham 2nd - Karen Burton - Swanpool Shimmer 3rd - Paul Cooper - Not Even A Mouse H/C - Amanda Hanson - Dahlia Victor Tullin - New Normal Markus Mueller - The Empty Sahn of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque


The Cornwall Photographic Alliance (CPA) website has had a couple of changes of late so you might want to pop across and check it out. New dates for the Nature competition spring to mind.


So next week we have “Photography Questions” for Club mentors and the team will be on hand to try and answer any queries you might have regarding your photography. So to make a good evening out of it we obviously need your questions so please take the next week to think up issues that may have been concerning you as it will then make an interesting evening.

Competition News

a) Work for the CPA Charles Hosken competition has now all been finalised and backed up to Lorraine Robins who will send them off for judging in due course. Great to see 10 members entering 32 images so already a great result. We also had CPA recognition for being the first club to do so!!

b) Don’t forget that you now have your entry details for KF 2 with Feb 4th hand-in and if you are not quite sure what so of images are Street Photography why not have a look at this YouTube video with a (safe) link below.

Finally, don’t forget I’m always looking for contributions from members who may wish to share a story or two along with a few photos.

Andalucian beauty
Andalucian beauty

Finally, Finally no excuse for ending with a happy picture of a beautiful lady entitled “Andalucian beauty”, what more can I say !

That’s all from me folks Cheers Derek



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