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Newsletter NL202 – 4th May 2024

Editor: Derek Godridge with more from the TEAM:

PCC News – Paul Cooper

Last Thursday evening twenty-six members descended on  “non-event” square, Falmouth. We took general pictures of the area, and the sunset (see below) and enjoyed a photographic “Scavenger Hunt” organised by Karen.

Dark clouds which had been rolling about for the week parted showing a blue sky with wispy photogenic clouds. Karen had organised the weather for us as well and some of us proceeded to photograph some of her 15 suggested “Scavenger Hunt” ideas.

With a cool breeze starting to bite we retreated to “the Hub” which allowed us to re- arrange the back of the restaurant into a single 26-seater table! Our server Jack had the unenviable task of taking drinks orders for everyone and then doing a second round to take the food orders. This was compounded by at least twenty-five folk talking and laughing at the same time. Will they let us book again? Probably, we have been before and they know what to expect.

Next week we are heading to Portreath for more photos and a fish and chip supper. Lift-sharing has been arranged and plans made for the trek to the far distant North coast. A breathtaking sunset has been booked so we are expecting another great evening.

Mark Quilter

Image Credit: Mark Quilter – Falmouth Harbour View

More PCC News

WCPF – Members Exhibition – It is great to see John Yarrow’s images in this illustrious company and so I feel no guilt about keeping this link in the Newsletter. For those of you who can actually go to see the Prints and DPI images, the details are in the WCPF section below. I would highly recommend a trip as it does give you the opportunity to view International standard photography which we rarely see in our part of the country.

If you can’t get there all the Winners and Placed Images can be seen here:

Other - Padstow ‘Obby ‘Oss - May Day

Like most years I again went to celebrate May Day at Padstow. The weather didn’t look very promising with some rain showers, but it eventually cheered up, which of course gave other photographic problems with the dreaded Judge’s hated “Blown out highlights” !!! Yes it’s great fun but once again it reminded me how difficult it is to photograph these street events – everything is moving - everyone gets in your way – there is so much street furniture – and most importantly don’t forget to dodge the ‘Oss !!

don’t forget to dodge the ‘Oss !!
Here’s Padstow’s own on “the teaser” !

Here’s Padstow’s own on “the teaser” !

Image Credits: DeeGee – May Day Padstow

Our Website Stuff! – Paul Cooper

Data behind our Role of Honour

Looking at the data behind our Role of Honour on our website for the just closed season 2023/24 it’s heartening to see that 31 separate photographers appear.

i.e. in our formal competitions this year, although some names appear more frequently, three quarters of the club members have won something. An even more impressive static when you consider some members do not enter competitions. We were fortunate to have a good selection of images for the upcoming CPA competition in Truro and 15 members contributed to our 30 image entry.

The freedom with which our members share their knowledge, raising the quality of all our images, is lovely to see. Derek’s tag-line “There is no stupid question” runs across all members, our judges and our speakers. What a fantastic club we belong to! Thanks to those, too many to mention by name, who said “This is how I did that” or “If you do this I feel it will look stronger” or “Go here around dawn to get something like you want”.

If you forget something it is often captured in our knowledge section. For example things to think about before entering an image, printing for competitions and a whole host more. If something is missing either write and submit it, or ask Paul to fill the gap.

For slightly longer articles click the web menu “Blog” and then select “General”. "How to use DS Colour labs", with screenshots or “How to create an A3 sized print". And finally, there are some tips in our video gallery (although to be honest, it is hard to keep this current!). Again anything missing send to Paul.

As the weather improves, and we power into Spring/Summer please fill your camera with images both competition worthy and for fun (half the point is images you enjoy). Keep the 2025 Kingswood Salver in mind - The brief: Something strongly Cornish taken during the golden hour.

For those who enjoy the laughter but don’t enter the competitions, I know Karen has plans to expand your waistlines and your minds through various cream teas and visits. I look forward to both.

PCC Social News – Karen Burton – T: 07724 344420

  • Thursday May 11th MEET at 6.30pm at Portreath Harbour Car Par for Fish and Chips & Photography ! o Car Share has been organized but if you need a lift let Karen Know !!

  • Friday May 24th is going to be an event held at Falmouth Court, Draceana Avenue, Falmouth. 6.30pm till 8.00pm. o I would like some volunteers to bring some images along to show or put some digitals on a memory stick to show our lovely residents. Please advise if interested in helping make a lovely evening to show our talents and make a connection to the community.

  • Sunday 23rd June - PCC Presentation lunch at 12:45 for a 1pm start

o FALMOUTH GOLF CLUB again after much deliberation.

o Don't forget cancellations any less than a week you will NOT get a refund unfortunately.

o There will be a lovely raffle so some donations would be very welcome!

o Many thanks to all members who have paid for our Presentation meal.

o If not already done so, please get your orders in as soon as possible.

  • Summer Outings o Any ideas please let me know!!

PCC Diary Dates:

Summer Trips TBA

Cornwall Photographic Alliance (CPA)

  • Saturday 18th May 2024 CPA Inter-Club Competition and Exhibition – Doors open 1.15pm show starts at 2pm. o @ The Burrell Theatre, Trennick Lane, Truro TR1 o Please CAR-SHARE.

Western Counties Photographic Federation (WCPF)

o Magelake Hall, Uffculme, EX15 3DP for 3 days 4th to 6th May 2024

o Seale Hayne, The Queens Room, Newton Abbot,TQ12 6NQ from 7th May to 17th May 2024

Note: There is no such thing as a stupid question !

But there is such a thing as a stupid answer!! E.g. “You should know that”

All the best from Derek, Paul Karen and the Team!



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