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Newsletter #61 15th May 2021

Editor - Derek Godridge with Guest Authors Paul Cooper and Carolin Coward PCC News of the Week:

  1. Here’s wishing our two newest members Claire Dougal and David Rogers a warm welcome to our club. It’s great to have you on board, so please take advantage of the Website which has all sorts of interesting information and can be found here. The club “Welcome pack” contains very useful information under the “Documents” section regarding our history etc and most importantly general competition rules:

  2. More detailed information here from Paul Cooper

    1. Home Page; The 6 most recent blogs, and contact details. Click logo twice to go to Facebook.

    2. Knowledge; Slowly building knowledge base for our photographic techniques

    3. About; About the club, club location, the clubs location and the website visitors map (Zoom out, quite surprising)

    4. Gallery; External competitions and fun (lockdown) competitions. Pages of images.

    5. Program; Planned events and links where needed

    6. Videos; Placeholder for future feature on video links for "how to” activities

    7. Portfolios; Space for members to showcase their favourite images (5-20), Send to Paul to upload.

    8. Blog; Weekly newsletter and weekly newspaper article. Space for whatever you want it to be.

    9. External; A few safe links to external websites

    10. Contact us; A form for folk to, ummmmm, contact us!

    11. Documents; Club Paperwork

    12. More; Archive of previous competitions and events. LOADS of images here.

The three without direct links you have to hover over and select from a sub-menu that pop’s up. Please have a play and feed back to Paul anything you feel is missing or needs changing or adding

3. Victor asked members for their preferences for Photoshop tutorial days which he will be holding shortly and it seemed that Wednesday and Friday were the favoured days. Watch out for more news soon.


  1. Last night’s meeting included the latest lockdown competition results along with individual critiques from the members who joined in with gusto!

  2. We also discussed the subject list which Paul had compiled with some technical issues being discussed regarding options for approaching some of the subjects.


1. The subject of this week’s competitions was Flowers or Plants and the there were 3 entries which all scored the same number of 4 votes. Congratulations go to our winners who were Amanda Hanson – Pom Pom Dahlia, Eve Govier – Sunny Side Up and Victor Tullin – Red Rose. Well done everyone on a really strong set of entries !

2. Next week we have another in the Lockdown series with the subject being Smoke (or mist) OR Movement and Off Camera No Editing. Entries please to Victor before midday next Wednesday 19th May.

Now for some Club Reminiscences from Carolin Coward: My Memories of the Camera Club – Episode 1

Well! Where do I start? So much to remember! John and I got married in June 1982. We wanted to start a hobby together and, both having cameras, decided that we’d join the Camera Club. I worked with a chap who was already in the club; I spoke to him about it and we decided to join.

On a Wednesday evening in September 1982 we went to the Town Hall in the main street of Penryn and walked in. We were greeted by one of the members and enjoyed our first evening which was Dennis Scrace speaking about taking pictures! We soon joined! Everyone was so friendly and knowledgeable. Some long-standing members were Dennis, Ken Skellern, Dr Ken Farnell, David Lidstone and Geoff James. These were the Founder members! Out of those only Geoff James has remained.

Dr Ken Farnell was a very knowledgeable man and if he didn’t know the answer to your question, he’d find out and tell you during the next meeting. He passed away the week after my Dad and I was very upset as I didn’t know until a couple of weeks later. Ken Skellern owned the camera shop at the top of St Thomas Street in Penryn and helped us to print off some of our photographs for competitions. We missed him when he, and his wife Gwen, moved back up to Lancashire.

John and I learned quite a bit about our cameras and really loved going every fortnight to the meetings. The first season passed very quickly and it was soon the AGM the following May.

I became Secretary then! So from May 1983 until the AGM 2003 when I ‘retired’. 20 years!!! As Secretary I did the programmes which became weekly instead of fortnightly, the Competitions collating and delivering the entries and ran the club! I really loved it! – I always said it was my ‘baby’!!

We got to know so many lovely photographers from, basically, all over the Country. A real favourite was Derek Rodway from Newport in Gwent. He had so many letters after his name that I can’t remember them all! Sadly, he’s gone now and we do miss him.

He was a brilliant speaker. I used to organise little tours for him. He’d stay with Ann and John Glinn after the meeting. I’d pick him up from the station and he’d have a meal with us and then we’d do the meeting after. Sometimes he’d do a judging for us and he’d look through the entries that I had at home. We became good friends over the years. I’ve still got a book and a soft toy owl that he gave me! I called the Owl Derek of course!

James Joyce was from Scotland, Heather Angel from the London area I think, Bob Moore from the Midlands, Lee Preston from Gloucester area if I remember rightly. Peter Clarke from Barnstaple and he often came down to us to speak or judge. A favourite talk of his was called ‘My Camera Always Lies’! Sometimes he even drove home after an evening with us! There are many more!!

I organised some day trips; we started off with Morwelham Quay, Bicton Gardens, Mortonhampstead Miniature Pony Centre – The driver asked where we were going to start with! He’d not been told! Then he stopped at Jamaica Inn on the way saying it was a ‘toilet break’! Off he walked back to a phone box in the hill. When he came back, he said he’d been having problems with the coach but we could carry on. The driver didn’t have a clue as to where we were going and went into a house to find out! We got to the Pony Centre and Calvin Northey helped him to change a wheel! On the way back home the coach was smelling awful and we all got out at Lanivet for our fish and chips. People were looking and I heard one chap say that he’d not get on it!! I told the driver that we weren’t getting back on and he was to organise another coach to be sent to get us home. ‘Oh!’ he said, ‘it’s ok, it will get us home. No problem’! I was having none of it and told him to organise one! He wasn’t very happy. Another coach was sent for us and we passed the other coach near Indian Queens! Broken down by the cemetery!!

Sparkwell Wildlife Park! Oh boy! We broke down on the way. It was already organised that I’d leave the coach party there as John and I were going away with Hilary and Norman Hull; we were going Scotland for a couple of weeks holiday! They’d passed our coach where we’d stopped near Dobwalls. We had to wait for another coach to come up from Truro!! Needless to say we were late getting to Sparkwell. It’s now the Dartmoor Wildlife Park having been bought out! There is now a film about the take-over! (Two different bus companies I must say!)

More next time ! Best wishes Derek, Paul and Carol



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