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Newsletter #66 Friday 15th June 2021

Editor - Derek Godridge and guest author Chris Hamshaw PCC News of the Week:

  1. This week we have an insight into “Wedding photography” from Chris Hamshaw, who has been really brave taking on not just the flowers but also the photography ! After getting some good advice from Victor she has turned in some great sample shots for us.

  2. Great to have a face-to-face last night, what a welcome change.


  1. Last evening we had our first meet up for something like 9 months and, boy was it was a mighty refreshing change !! It was so good to just get the opportunity to see and speak in person to old and new members alike rather than peering into a screen. It was a very pleasant evening and we had so many members that we had to split into two groups with one concentrating on the beach and the other checking out the ducks and swans. I think members were exhilarated to be flexing their own wings as much as the swans and cygnets they photographed!

  2. With our impending AGM, don’t forget to think about getting more involved in your club by joining the committee, you just need a proposer and seconder – more information coming shortly.

  3. Next week’s Zoom meeting is on 24th June when our mystery speaker will be revealed!


The next competition is OPEN with manipulation allowed for the 1st July – entries by Midday 30th June latest to Victor please.

Cornwall Photographic Alliance (CPA) Diary Dates 20th November 2021 CPA Nature & Wildlife Competition – Hand-in 17th September NB This subject will be included in next season’s programme to nudge you into trying your hand at both Nature and Wildlife

Western Counties Photographic Federation (WCPF) Here’s some news from Eddy Lane of WCPF “Date for your diary WCPF Zoom Annual General Meeting 9th October 2021 2.00 pm Zoom Afternoon Lecture by Antony Penrose Subject “Lee Miller: Witnessing Women at War”

ATS Searchlight Operators, North London, England 1943

Image “ATS Searchlight Operators, North London, England 1943” by Lee Miller © Lee Miller Archives, England 2021. All rights reserved.

Following his very successful talk to the WCPF in 2017 about his mother “The Legendary Lee Miller” this latest Talk by Antony will be presented as a double act with Ami Bouhassane, his daughter, as the voice of Lee Miller”

Chris Hamshaw – My journey into wedding photography

Hi everyone, here it is. I was asked by a friend to do her wedding flowers which I gladly agreed too as that is my other passion. Whilst talking about what she'd like and when it was, she asked if I wouldn't mind doing some photos as well because she likes the photos I put on FB. I was a bit apprehensive because I don't usually do portrait type photos, I prefer my subjects to be non- moving ie flowers and landscapes!

Any way I said I'd have a go and hoped she wouldn't be too disappointed with the results. I did the flowers on the Thursday and had already been on a walk round the grounds for some ideas for the Friday, weather permitting. I popped into 'the font of all knowledge', Victor and he talked me through a few things to consider. I asked him about my flash unit which he showed me how to use and I hoped that I would remember some of the info he gave me. I duly packed my big camera bag with spare batteries, reflector, flash, spare cameras, cushion, blanket, wet wipes, tripod and monopod, you get the picture! “All the gear & no idea” sprang to mind as I packed it!

Any way there I was all geared up to take different pictures of the bride and guests arriving and my camera decided to malfunction. I checked the battery, all good, swapped it with another just in case but no camera still didn't want to play ball. Got my second camera out, phew relief it was working ok. Gave my non- working one to my trusty assistant (hubby) he got it working but agreed with me that it wasn't functioning as it should, typical. No auto for me just plain old manual on that camera.

I took plenty of inside photos

I took plenty of inside photos and with the light being so good and the large room no need for the flash. (another story there)

We moved out-side and because it was so sunny the photos were clear and sharp. We were entertained by a high hoop circus type act where she then poured out champers to the guests. We then moved into a part of the garden where the Druid ceremony was going to take place. First time for me being at a Druid ceremony, jumping the broom and binding the hands. Much hilarity over the second part of the ceremony as I managed to catch a sight that only the groom should!

We were entertained by a high hoop circus act

All my photos of the guests and bridal party were quickly checked and we then went inside again for the next part of the proceedings. The reception was held after the bride and groom had had their first dance. Then we were entertained again by the circus lady with hoops. I must mention that this was no conventional wedding! A quick panic message to Victor because my flash unit wouldn't work with my camera but I managed to take some with the internal flash on the camera. I did check it before we left and it was ok then.

a Druid ceremony, jumping the broom and binding the hands.

The evening part was full of sparklers and booze! A very full on day.

My thoughts from the day are as follows, make a check list, ensure equipment works well, think of where people are in shots, plan on getting a whole group photo! Don't be afraid to tell people where you want them for particular shots even though they wanted it totally natural looking and lots of candid shots.

All in all I enjoyed the experience, if a little stressful but would need a lot more training on the use of my flash with the camera before I do another one!

(NB – Photos deliberately exclude the bride and groom)

Best regards Derek and Chris


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