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Newsletter #79 17th September 2021

Editor - Derek Godridge PCC News of the Week:

  1. Well the CPA 5oth Anniversary went off very well, and the club support was superb so thank you for coming! The programme worked out very well and the show of work by Bill Hall was very well received along with the “Have-A-Go” portrait sessions by Rob Eschle.

The CPA have kindly provided all affiliated clubs with a complimentary copy of the 50th Anniversary Book and ours can be viewed (see Victor). Copies are available to purchase @ £20 each and I already have a few orders, so if you want a copy please let me know by email within the next 10 days so we can get the order in to Lorraine Robbins.


  1. NEW SEASON – Our third meeting of the new season was the hand-in night for KM and President’s Cup and several members took the opportunity to seek advice and help regarding image preparation, file naming, file sizing and presentation etc and more long serving members were there to advise and assist. NB IT DOES GET EASIER !

  2. Don’t forget FEES are due and some of you may need to speak with Christine Hamshaw to pay.

  3. Next week will be a practical Camera Session so bring your camera AND your manual.

  4. In a couple of weeks time we have a Photoshop event with Victor so please start sorting out any images you want to work on.

  5. In 5 weeks time we have a Member’s Critique evening so if you have any images you want the club members to discuss and critique then start sorting them out.

  6. PCC 2021-2022 Programmes are still available and can be obtained from Victor.


1. The next competition is a little way off but the HAND-IN date of 28th October will soon come around so again start digging them out!

  • Ken Farnell (KF1) – Total 5 Images – Subject OPEN

    • 1 print COLOUR, 1 print MONO

    • 1 digital COLOUR, 1 digital MONO

    • 1 Off Camera with NO editing only straightening and mild cropping allowed

  • Reminder - You need to provide the Prints and Digital images along with digital COPIES (1600 x 1200 px) of the prints on a pen drive (stick) to Mandy by 28th October. If you need help sizing your images get them to Victor and he will assist.

  • It’s VERY easy to lose track of your work and the best way to keep track of your images is to create separate folders for the year, the Competition, the entry type (Digital, print, off camera etc) and there will be information uploaded to our PCC Website under “Knowledge” heading/sub heading “competition files”

Diary Dates PCC

  • Saturday 25th September - Penryn WI Art & Craft Fair – Temperance Hall

  • Penryn CC members can display and sell work.

Cornwall Photographic Alliance (CPA)

Western Counties Photographic Federation (WCPF)

  • 9th October 2021 - WCPF Zoom Annual General Meeting 2.00 pm Zoom Afternoon Lecture by Antony PenroseSubject “Lee Miller: Witnessing Women at War”

Tour of Britain by Derek Godridge

Being quite a keen TV viewer of the various World Tour events I thought I would try and make the most of the Cornish first leg of the TOB. After traipsing over to Zennor for the first “King of the Mountains” stage – KOM1, I have a few observations.

1. Not only the amount of traffic by way of motorbikes and support vehicles which precede and follow the riders, but also the shear speed at which they do so.

exhibit 1

exhibit 2



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