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Newsletter #81 1st October 2021

Editor - Derek Godridge PCC News of the Week:

Don’t panic -- But you may have heard on Facebook or at last night’s meeting that we are about to change our Venue! Yes, due to the massive proposed increase in the leasing charges by Penryn Rugby Club for “The Space”, it has become completely non-viable to continue and hence Penryn Camera Club will no longer be able to use our current venue. However, Victor has managed to locate a very acceptable alternative venue at Penryn Athletic Football Club just down the road and we will be moving there in January 2022.

We are able to keep our Thursday booking and will be located in the clubhouse with ample parking for members and visitors. Victor and our PCC Committee are also ensuring that we have some allocated secure lock up for all of our equipment. More info in the following weeks.

It was a pity that the The Helston Railway trip was cancelled due to the atrocious weather but hopefully it will be re-scheduled when we have better weather.


  1. This week we had a “Show and Tell” evening with Karen, who showed her lovely images of the visit she and Eve made to the Isles of Scilly. This was followed by Eve, who showed actual photographs (!!) of some of her travels around the USA. Apparently she has hundreds more as slides and with help from Paul she is looking at digitising them for a future presentation.

  2. Mandy gave the members some more details on the upcoming club competitions, especially the judging of our President’s Cup and Ken Maynard comps in two weeks time 14th October. There are plenty of entries so it should be a good evening.

  3. Next week we have a Photoshop event with Victor so please start sort out any images you want to work on.

  4. In 3 weeks time we have a Member’s Critique evening and you can bring up to 4 images for members to discuss and critique.

  5. PCC 2021-2022 Programmes are still available and can be obtained from Victor.


1. Don’t forget only PAID-UP members can enter our competitions - speak with Christine Hamshaw to pay.

2. The next competition is a little way off but the HAND-IN date of 28th October will soon come around so again start digging them out!

  • Ken Farnell (KF1) – Total 5 Images – Subject OPEN

  • 1 print COLOUR, 1 print MONO

  • 1 digital COLOUR, 1 digital MONO

  • 1 Off Camera with NO editing only straightening and mild cropping allowed

  • Reminder - You need to provide the Prints and Digital images along with digital COPIES (1600 x 1200 px) of the prints on a pen drive (stick) to Mandy by 28th October. If you need help sizing your images get them to Victor and he will assist.

  • It’s VERY easy to lose track of your work and the best way to keep track of your images is to create separate folders for the year, the Competition, the entry type (Digital, print, off camera etc) so have a look at our PCC Website under “Knowledge” heading/sub heading “competition files”

Diary Dates PCC

  • Thursday 7th October – Photoshop with Victor – Bring images

  • Thursday 14th October – President’s Cup and Ken Maynard judging

  • Thursday 21st October – Member’s critique – bring up to 4 images

Cornwall Photographic Alliance (CPA)

  • Saturday 25th November – Nature and Wildlife Competition, Zoom meeting £4 tickets will be available via Zoom and the Eventbrite hub. Email link to follow

  • Wednesday 27th October – CPA Committee meeting via Zoom @7.30pm

Western Counties Photographic Federation (WCPF)

Photo Musings by DeeGee:

Last Saturday’s Penryn Mock Mayor ceremony!
Here’s a real past Mayor Chas Wenmouth
Here’s some of the candidates ....
Don’t have NIGHTMARES !



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