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Newsletter #87 Saturday 13th November 2021

Editor - Derek Godridge with Guest Author Paul Cooper PCC News of the Week:

Well those of you who came to see Mark Walker last Thursday had a real treat as we all watched in awe as Mark sensitively built the lighting scenario to create some really amazing images of models Taylor and Zane.

models Taylor and Zane

As well as going back to basic principles and demonstrating the iconic “Rembrandt” look, Mark also practically explained the various lighting modifiers and showed us what they can do to change the mood of a shot. He will be coming back again to allow members to practice with the equipment and hopefully even more members will support the sessions and have a go learning the basics of portraiture.

If any of you watch YouTube you may have come across a really likeable chap name Omar Gonzalez. Although he shoots weddings professionally, he is what I would call a “Generalist” as he shoots street, landscapes and does many gear reviews. One of his videos I came across just yesterday, I felt was ideal for many of us as he uses alternative shots to show us his “mistakes” and points out how he could make them better mainly by moving around and “Working the scene”. It’s a safe link and hopefully you may find it interesting as it gives us a different take on some of those “Record” shots that judges don’t like! Reminder: CPA Nature and Wildlife show Saturday 20th November @ 7.30. At only £4 it represents a bargain and the Zoom link is here:

News from Paul: Penryn CC Web new feature.

Now visits are re-starting we are capturing the best from each photographer at this page. (Samples shown, your images needed.) Please send one image per photographer per visit (choose your best, editing, cropping and out-of-camera all OK) to Paul at Please title your image [short title] - [photographers name] e.g. Purdys cream tea-1- Paul.jpg. If you can size (to standard formats) that’s fine, if you cannot I will do that as part of the upload. We are Initially looking for your best image from the Helston railway and Wheal Martyn visits.


  1. As above at last Thursday’s meeting we had an excellent live demo by Mark Walker with his approach to portraiture, lighting and posing along with his own personal approach to his work.

  2. Next week 18th November we have our KF1 Results show with Mike Halsey as our judge.


  1. Don’t forget only PAID-UP members can enter our competitions - speak with Christine Hamshaw to pay.

  2. The next FUN competition is Mandy’s “lucky Dip” with the hand-in on Thursday 25th November and the judging on 2nd and 9th December

  3. The next CPA competition is the Charles Hosken digital open Competition with a hand- in date of 16th December. You can submit up to 4 images at 50p each and enter any image so long as it hasn’t been previously entered in previous years.

  4. The KF2 competition for January 2022 will be a set subject “Simplicity” so get your thinking caps on!

Diary Dates PCC

  • Thursday 11th November – Talk by our ex-chairperson Mark Walker

  • Thursday 18th November – KF1 Show and Results with Judge Mike Halsey

  • Thursday 25th November – Mandy’s “Lucky Dip” Hand-in and

Cornwall Photographic Alliance (CPA)

Western Counties Photographic Federation (WCPF)

  • Saturday 13th November 2021 - WCPF Zoom Meeting

  • Kingswood Salver Judging at 10.30am followed by 2.00 pm Zoom Afternoon Lecture Talk by Ross McKelvey MFIAP MPAGB FBPE FIPF EFIAP/p

  • Zoom link to follow.

Cheers for now Derek & Paul



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