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Newsletter #92 Friday 17th December 2021

Editor - Derek Godridge with notes from Paul and photos from Karen PCC News of the Week:

Firstly we wish all of our wonderful Penryn Camera Club members and your families a very Merry Christmas. We still have some really challenging times ahead, but we have shown that with a bit of understanding and a mutually helpful approach we can handle it, so looking forward to the New Year in our new premises at Penryn Athletic Football Club!

our new premises at Penryn Athletic Football Club!

Next: Charles Hosken Competition – as mentioned in the email last week, there are a couple of important changes:

  1. After preparing your images as per the rules already sent out you need to pay your50p/image to our treasurer Chris

  2. You then need to send them to ME at by 15th January 2022 I will then do all the collation of the images, compile a spreadsheet of titles etc and send them to Bill Hall via WeTransfer before the official hand-in date of 22nd January. Any problem give me a call on 07788590141


Members met last night to say a sad farewell to our old venue and enjoy some sociable company along with a cream tea.

A Big Thank You to Geoffrey for organising the Cream Tea

  1. 6th January is the next meeting in our new venue and as it is a “practical” members need to bring their CAMERAS and INSTRUCTION MANUAL so we can all get to grips with the various buttons and switches !!

  2. The week after on 13th January, is Mandy’s “Lucky Dip 2” hand-in for all of those “marbelous” selections you made (see what I did there - haha).

  3. We will also be conducting a Critique of the WCPF Travelling Print Portfolio which I collected from the Falmouth CC earlier this week.


  1. The next Club Competition is the “Lucky Dip Part 2” with the 13th January hand-in

  2. The KF2 competition for 10th February 2022 includes a set subject “Simplicity”.

Reminder - KF2 Changes:

KF2 - HAND-IN Thursday 20th January 2022. SET SUBJECT - SIMPLICITY - PRINT - 1 No. Print - can either be Colour or Mono SET SUBJECT - SIMPLICITY - DIGITAL - 1 No. Digital Image - can be Colour or Mono OPEN DIGITAL - 1 No Digital Image - can be Colour or Mono OPEN OFF CAMERA (No Photo Editing) - 1 No. Digital Image TOTAL OF 4 IMAGES for KF2

Diary Dates

PCC • Sunday 9th January 1.30pm Christmas meal at The Falmouth Hotel (Any issues Karen will advise and also get a refund if the worst happens) Cornwall Photographic Alliance (CPA) • The next CPA competition is the Charles Hosken digital Open Competition on Friday 18th March with a hand-in date to Derek of TUESDAY 15th January 2022. See above for details

Western Counties Photographic Federation (WCPF) • TBA

Cheers for now Derek



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