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Newsletter NL145 – 30th December 2022

Editor - Derek Godridge and the team:

Wishing our Members and Families a Very Happy New Year !

PCC News :

Well firstly let’s hope you all had a great Christmas, personally, I had a bad case of “Man- Flu”. Yes, not too pleasant as I managed to pick it up a couple of days before the holiday so hopefully you all kept clear of it. Now the second instalment of Jeanette’s trip to Budapest, Hungary.

Traveller’s Tales - Danube - Part Two – Belgrade Images and text Jeanette Ruberry:

People keep asking me where my favourite place was on the Danube. This I find impossible to answer, but certainly one of them was Belgrade, Serbia’s capital city. It sits on the confluence of the Danube and Sava rivers and is full of all the finest things a traveller would ever hope to find. Belgrade is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world - and therefore so packed full of history it oozes out of nooks and crannies around every corner. There is a constant wave of people movement from the very young to ancients, whose characterised faces are the roadmaps of their lives.

Belgrade, Serbia’s capital city

Knez Mihailova is the main pedestrian and shopping street, in Belgrade; but let’s not worry about the shopping - if it is people watching or a bit of street photography you are after it is the number one ‘go to’ venue. I was never a fan of street photography, but that young man, Derek Godridge, has worn me down over the three years I have been involved with PCC - and now I am well and truly hooked!

a bit of street photography

I had completed the iconic city tour in the morning, so after some lunch aboard bounded back into town to trawl the mile long street jam packed with humanity going about its daily business. It is fascinating that you can hide behind a camera - nobody really knows what you are focusing on - people pay you little attention as an individual. Yet, through the lens you see so much - are able to capture real life, so much more valuable than many a posed picture.

able to capture real life

Time evaporated. I absorbed the scents and sounds as I took image after image. The vibrancy; pulsating population migrating along pavements; artwork on walls; shop fronts which heralded the prelude for what might be inside; remembering to look up - some of the best architecture is often nearer the roof.

remembering to look up

Oh, yes, I liked Belgrade. I liked it very much !

PCC Social Events

  • Thursday 5th January at 7.30pm o Practical Camera Session – Bring your camera AND instruction manual

  • Thursday 12th January at 7.30pm – KF2 Hand in “Decisive Moment” o WCPF Travelling Print Show – some of the best images from last year’s WCPF Exhibition

Cornwall Photographic Alliance (CPA)

  • Charles Hosken Competition – Hand-In completed with 11 members entered which is a record for PCC so a HUGE Thank You to everyone who entered. o 7th January 2023 Hand-In by DeeGee o 11th February Presentation at 3pm (doors open 2pm) ▪ Keay Theatre St Austell – entrance £4 on the door

Western Counties Photographic Federation (WCPF)

  • Saturday 11th March 2023 – Knightshayes Trophy Subject is “Decisive Moment”

  • 2023 WCPF Member’s Exhibition and Competition o I will be forwarding the PCC Print entries to the WCPF and so please contact me if you are entering OR indeed if you want ANY ADVICE whatsoever. o Entry will be open from Monday 7th January 2023 and will close on Saturday 11th March 2023. o Display of Prints and Digital show at Bovey Tracy Golf Centre from 7th to 15th May 2023 o There are 3 classes in both the Print and Digital sections and the subjects are the same “Open Colour, Open Monochrome, Nature o Entry Classes The entry classes have changed this year with 3 print classes (Open Colour, Open Mono, Nature) and 3 digital classes (Open Colour, Open Mono, Nature). The class definitions will be available on the website and entry system. o Images are uploaded to the web and the full competition rules are as detailed in the following safe link.

All the best from Derek, Jeanette and the team- Happy New Year


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