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Newsletter Week 10

Considering the behaviour of some of the Club members on a Thursday night if your memory stretches that far .. I thought I would start this week by saying..

"Hello Children, are we sitting comfortably? .. then I'll begin." and if you want to feel old, that quote from the BBC Radio show Listen with Mother was last heard in September 1982 !

Tonight there will be no repetition, hesitation, or deviation in a newsletter that I guarantee will take more than just a minute to read. You might feel by the end that you are sorry you haven't a clue. So enough of the radio 4 puns and on with the show .. I can hear people saying whats radio 4 ? In case you didn't know its the one with the shipping forecast on it. 

It has been a special week, I have finally managed to take a peak inside my shed and its a bit like the line in Apollo 13 - one whole side of the shed is missing, right back to the fence. The roof looks intact - see attached photo .. and I have squatters !

Man shed

I have spent some time in the garden, clearing more ivy and brambles. More bins filled with green waste, which on Tuesday meant an exciting trip to the recycling facility or dump as we refer to it in Helston. The only complicated part was that trying to remember what registration number was on your car as it was odd numbers on odd days and even numbers on even days - Simples ! So I can now get rid of green waste without hassle apart from waiting in the queue this morning as everyone (well not eveyone) had the same idea as me. 

Upon my return I continued to work but this time I required some assistance due to my height. So out of the garage can Ron and Stuart's instrument of torture - a step ladder (See image below ). Upon ascending said ladder, I could like the king I am survey my lands that stretched all the way to the garden wall in one direction and jungle in the other. I can also see into next doors garden too ! It was an interesting game a bit like tug of war - perhaps some of you can remember the tv series gladiators ! and perhaps I will leave it there just in case anyone gets in trouble ! So with an imaginary John Anderson, present, and whistle in mouth, it was Chairman will pull on my first whistle and brambles will resist as best they can. This game took about an hour to play out by which time, the Chairman was quite warm and had hands that resembled teabags - full of lots of tiny holes even through a good pair of garden gauntlets. However the brambles didn't win and now I have one more bin load ready to go dump on Saturday. 

Brambles fighting back

The other good news is there is lots of flowers on the Fushia some of which you can see in the image. One hopes that with all the light that it will grow back without the fear of large brambles being present. Also notice exhibit A - the bin of brambles and exhibit B the step ladder, behind which is the shed.

Following on from last week's newsletter I had received some useful feedback from DG which has been noted regarding links in the newsletter and problems with them working.

Also Paul sent me a some images (I am glad someone did along with Ann), with some suggestions perhaps for a section on the website and perhaps for comments in the newsletter. So that I don't take any of Paul's words out of context or change the meantime etc - here is what he wrote :

"I wondered if there would be any mileage in having a before/after processing example "section” where members could ‘seed’ the conversation with their original photo, what they did to it (and why) and then get the other members to comment a) on the choice and b) what they would have done differently."

I was thinking, have we done an evening like this with a show and tell or its it something we should do ? Answers and comments to the Chairman (no soft fruit please). For your comments here are two of Paul's images a before and after. Like someone else who shall not be named - I am not going to label before and after but leave it to your common sense and photographic nous (this weeks clever word!). 

Swans Before

Swans after

Ann sent a couple of images with a) show compositional skills and b) remind the rest of us what the great outdoors is like at this time of the year. 

Bluebell path

Red Tractor

Chairman's comment - good choice of colour for the tractor ! Doesn't look like the seagulls are social distancing mind.

As mentioned in last week's newsletter, the experiment, which was outlined, has been undertaken and has been a success. There will be more on this early next week, but before you all know one more trial run is required. 

Also I have been sending the newsletter out by BCC so that you don;t get to see anyone else's email address. This is good practice, however if a member wants to get hold of another and doesn't have their email, not so good. I thought I would ask first, is there anyone who DOES NOT want their emails shared, if I was to send round a list of email addresses, so that we can contact each other ? Answers to the Chairman.


Some not so good news sent to me by Wendy for inclusion in this weeks newsletter.

"Reg Poad, has died. His funeral was last Saturday( 9th). He died at home with Mary and family. He had been really poorly just after Xmas and was bedridden for 6 weeks. ( Marie Curie nurses were attending him, so must have been cancer). I don't have Mary's address, but sent her a private message on Messenger, which she has replied to me. I sent our deepest sympathy from their friends of Penryn Camera Club. It was a personal message from me and was not written on behalf of the camera club. I said I would let other members of our club know Keith, so the news letter is the best way to do it now. For your info, Mary and Reg were members of PCC many years ago, ( before my time too), and I did have them at the club over 7 years ago and they gave a Presentation evening. The longer serving members will know them but obviously, newer Members won't know who they are."

Consider it done Wendy.

One last thing (well its a photography club newsletter).

Some quiz questions for you all - answer next week. 

Question 1 - What does the average person do 13 times a day ?

Question 2 - Coprastastaphobia is the fear of what ?

Question 3 - What four letter word ending in K is another word for intercourse ?

and with the quote from another well known film " a man's got to know his limitations", I will end by saying;

and until next time, take care.

Your Chairman

Dr Keith Russ



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