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Newsletter Week 15

Dear All,

Welcome to week 15 ! 

I as write this, the rain is falling which makes a change from the hot weather we had earlier this week. The good news is the camera has been out of its bag twice this week, but still took more images with the phone ! Hopeless.

Lets start with the news of the competition which was MONO. I had 11 entries which was good, but only 7 votes including mine, so not quite so good. For a while it looked like we were going to have 7 way tie, but in the end the Image No 6 got 2 votes. This image was Easoms Yard, and therefore many congratulations goes to Victor for winning. The Chairman's effort got NIL POINTS as they would say in the eurovision song contest. 

I was completely overwhelmed by the lack of response to the request for subjects for the rest of lockdown comps as written in last weeks newsletter. In fact no one has passed to me any suggestions in the past week ! End of whinge.

You should also have received an electronic copy of the committee meeting minutes that I alluded to in last week's newsletter. If you have any comments please sent to them to the secretary.

Some of you may have seen this already but in case you haven't I would like to thank Mandy for sending this for inclusion this week. You might even like to enter..

Stithians Show

For those who might have attempted the wordsearch - I have included below the answers which has been kindly sent by Mandy - so big thanks to her for doing this.

Wordsearch results

Paul has kindly supplied some more material, this week its related to printing.

Printing profiles

The first shot is a couple of prints I made recently.  I was trying out several f stop options (I wanted the wood and slate in focus but the cogs and background out of focus).  

The right-hand picture is my first print attempt, which was NOTHING like the version on the screen.  The left-hand picture was untouched in Photoshop etc. but followed a very basic colour profile of my monitor (using the Mac Coloursync utility to generate a profile and pointing Adobe to use that profile). I know you can buy spiders and spectrum analysers etc. but for hobby use (unless the club wants to buy a loan set - with EXCEPTIONALLY clear instructions) I felt that was a tad extreme.  

The left picture is now much closer to the screen image

I think those of us who posess printers at home, have all suffered from initial set-up issues, in that obtaining a print that looks like the screen image or one that is correctly printed. Some of the issues like Paul has mentioned is more to do with the set-up of the monitor than the printer. Having the brightness etc on the monitor correct will make a major difference. I am sure there are number of members who print at home who could assist other club members here.

Thanks to Derek for the link below

This might appeal to those in the club that already take flowery images and those who might like to have a go at doing so.

As I can't think of anything else to add to this weeks newsletter and I have run out of material which members have kindly sent in, I will close by wishing you a safe week.

All the best

Your Chairman

Dr Keith Russ



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