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Newsletter Week 16

Dear All,

If honest there is not much to report to you all this week, but there are two things which are club related which are important.

The first is the results of the Cornish Landscape competition. Many congratulations to Derek for his winning image. Must try harder next time, with a suitable Cornish Seascape. Best of luck to you all with this one. The results of which will be printed here next week.

The above is a link to a guide for seascapes should you require one or perhaps you might like to look at the pretty pictures instead.

The second item is website related and there have been some significant changes made in the background which most members would a) not be aware of b) not understand completely (like me) and or c) or not really bothered about if I told you. These changes are a legacy of the days before Stuart and myself rebuilt the website a couple of years ago. Hopefully things will be simpler going forwards as a result, which will make it easier for whomever runs the website in the future and for the treasurer as well. This is a good thing.

I did spend much of Wednesday morning armed with a pressure washer at King Edward Mine where I completed washing down the outside of the survey office ready for painting. It would have been quite a good opportunity for photos, especially when it was pouring with rain and I was still out, completely my task. At least I should remain dry next week.

It looks like there might be a few more people about as a result of the changes made to lockdown so it is even more important to stay safe out there when you are out and about with your cameras.. 

All the best until next week

Your Chairman

Dr Keith Russ



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