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Newsletter Week 2

Dear Inmates, sorry Club members 

It's Day 14 in the Big Brother house .. and you can't get evicted !

I hope you are all fit and well or certainly more fit and well than me. I cannot for certain inform one and all what I have been suffering from for the past six or seven days. My initial thoughts that it was one of the cold viruses going round, was in fact incorrect, as at least five days of high fever, coughing, headaches, no sore throat, and generally feeling below par, probably means I have a good dose of the flu. However having read some more this morning on the virus that shall not be named, it is still possible that I might have caught it, but without a test, I can't be definitive. Any way I am now well enough to write this..

With the government lockdown in progress for nearly everyone, I dread to ask does your inside of your house begin to look like this ..

Lockdown jail

But don't worry, there is plenty of time so it does.  [NOTE The image is of cell 109 - Alcatraz and was the one that Clint Eastwood's character was kept in the film Escape from Alcatraz - end of useless fact]

Don't despair I am the bringer of good news club wise.

Firstly Mandy, has managed to get all the cups and trophies engraved, which is great news. Not sure when we will beable to get them to the respective winners and no I don't know any of the scores on the doors, before anyone asks.

Secondly Victor has the names of all the winners so he can prepare all the certificates 

Thirdly, through emails via Derek and Victor I was sent a copy of the slide show for the Charles Hosken competition. With Stuart's help this is now viewable via the Club Website. Open the website www, and you will notice that there is a new item from last week titled "Charles Hosken2020". Click on that and new page will open thus allowing you to view all the images. You can decide for yourselves if the winning images were the best or not or you could have spent the 30 minutes doing something more useful like staring at the walls !

Fourthly, the Exmoor images are still there for those who haven't found the time to view them yet, perhaps you have been catching up on all those special jobs which needed doing when you got the time.

Thanks again to Wendy who has been kind enough to find the time to furnish me with more useful material for the newsletter.

From: "Digital Photography School" <>
Date: 22 March 2020 at 00:34:12 GMT
Subject: How do you do photography in a world where you can’t leave home?

Greetings from Digital Photography School.

While our world is facing some serious challenges (on many levels) right now and while we at dPS don’t feel equipped to do much about many of them we’ve been asking ourselves what we could offer our readers right now.

One challenge we know many are facing is the inability to get out and about with their cameras due to rules about self-isolation, lockdowns and quarantine.
As a result this week we wanted to send you some suggestions about how to do some photography - at home.

Many of these projects are things you could do by yourself (or with your family) to get your mind off the current crisis and to tap into some creativity.

3 Fun Backgrounds for Portraits and Photo Booths You Can Create at Home

10 Amazing Photography Tricks You Can do at Home with Everyday Objects

DIY Photography Hacks and Accessories You Can Make at Home

5 Tips How to Set Up a Home Studio for Dramatic Portraits

An Exercise to Learn and Practice Shutter Speed at Home

A Fun Project You Can do in Your Own Home – How to Create a Physiogram

Also this week we launched our brand new At-Home 7-Day Photography Challenge

We hope some of the above tutorials provide you with some fun. Don’t forget to have a dig around on our blog where there are thousands of other free tutorials for you to learn from.

Darren (and the dPS team)

If you have a garden, enjoy the time you spend in it, especially as the weather has been ansome like today. Don't forget the camera either.  If you have any top draw images that you wish to share, you can do so if you via this newsletter. 

Finally, please stay safe, our club is happy place, because of the members in it. We all share a good sense of humour (with some of us its a little misplaced at times). It would be a tragedy if that were to change.

All the very best, your Chairman

Dr Keith Russ.



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