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Newsletter Week 26

Hello everyone

I work in Penryn Junior Shool and for most of the lockdown I was there with children from families that were also keyworkers. I think I had about 2 weeks spent at home before I was called in to help out. When I was at home I did the usual things, watching daytime tv, cleaning, baking and walking the dog. At least we could take the dog out so we weren't inside all day long. We re-discovered some lovely walks around Penryn and then when restrictions were lifted we ventured further afield over to Godrevy, Hayle Towans and some closer to home at Mawnan Smith. 



The worst part for me was not being able to see my grandson for his birthday and give him hugs. He lives at Zelah and my son and daughter-in-law were concerned about me still working in school so I could only speak to him on the phone (when not distracted by the tv) but I have now seen him, gosh he's grown! We were watching his dad play football at Frogpool which has a lovely play area so he was happy.

Big present

I still have my parents in their 80's/90's and have been to see them taking them out for shopping and visiting my brother and his wife when they came down to Cornwall. Mum doesn't do social distancing! She said she thinks they have both had a variation of Covid at the beginning of the year when they visited my sister, who lives near Heathrow, so isn't worried about going out and to meet family.

Apart from photography as a hobby, I have also been crocheting again so my family will be getting scarves for Christmas! I did manage to finish a blanket that I'd started for my brother and gave it to him when he was down. I also do flowers for weddings but that has been on hold because the weddings have been cancelled. I am a qualified florist and used to work in Jackie Phillips shop when she had a shop in Penryn on Commercial Road and then when she moved to Falmouth. At the moment I've only done flowers for friends but I have tried setting up a facebook page to get more work in.The last one I did was just before everything locked down and the next one was put on hold until next year summer.

Flag iris

I do enjoy my photography and have bought myself a glass ball to try out so watch out for some of my efforts! 

Bye for now!



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